Saturna Recycling/Share Shoppe


The Recycling Centre is operated by the Recycling Committee of the Saturna Island Community Club with the goal of diverting reusable material from the Hartland Land Fill in Saanich.  Beer, pop and wine bottles, boxes, and cans help pay for the operating costs of the Centre. The CRD provides a Payment for service in support of the Centre’s operating costs. Thanks for your patience as recycling sources are ever changing at this time.

The centre asks that recycling be clean and especially clear of food waste.

 Recyling Depot Hours of Operation:   Wednesdays and Saturdays 10:00am to 12:00pm


Clean cans, aluminum foil, plastic, waxed cartons (milk, ice cream, coffee cups, soup) all go into one bin.

Materials accepted include the following clean material:

-           Mixed waste paper, newspapers and glossy magazines

-           Metal - both packaging and scrap metal

-           Paint, both cans & aerosols-empty or partially full..... No Death or Fire signs

 -          Styrofoam both coloured and white, polyurethane foam and polyethylene foam

-           Cardboard

-           Cans, both steel and aluminum

-           Glass containers (NO windows, drinking glasses or ceramics)

-           Beer, wine and liquor bottles Thank you for your donation!

-           Pop and water cans & bottles Thank you for your donation!

-           Plastic pop and beer rings

-           Plastic packaging - plastic products (toys, chairs)

-           Soft & flexible plastic wrap & bags,ziplocs,

             bubblewrap, stand up pouches, chip bags, cereal bags, candy wrappers, coffee bags, net bags

-           Tetra Pak containers (juice, milk and soup)

-           Gable top containers (juice and milk)

-           Incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, UV and germicidal lights, Halogens

-           Household batteries / No Auto batteries

-           CD / DVD 's

-           Audio and videotapes

-           Hard and soft cover books

-           Printer & toner cartridges

-           Clothing, fabric & shoes

-          Small electronics

-          Brita Filters / currently suspended

-          Small propane canisters

-         Pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers   


The Share Shoppe at the Recycle Centre accepts clean, usable items.  These are available to anyone needing such items.  A donation is always appreciated.  Visit the Share Shoppe and see what is available and the kinds of things you might want to donate. 


Volunteers are always needed to help sort materials and do numerous other tasks at the Centre. Going to Sidney? Volunteer to take items collected to Return-It or other drop offs. To join this group of volunteers check with Alisha at the centre or e-mail