Internet Access


Free wireless access is available at:

  • Saturna Point Store, provided by Saturnanet
  • Saturna Lighthouse Pub, provided by SINet
  • Saturna Cafe, provided by Saturnanet
  • Saturna Recreation and Cultural Centre, provided by Saturnanet
  • Saturna Heritage Centre (the Fog Alarm Building at East Point), provided by Orcas Online

Computers with internet access are available at the Eddie Reid Memorial Library

Broadband Internet Service Providers

Due to Saturna's unique topography and location, some areas of the island do not have access to broadband, while other areas have several options to choose from. Below is a current list of providers offering broadband services:

  • A registered co-operative providing wireless broadband internet access to Saturna residents and visitors.
  • South Island Internet (SINet) Wireless broadband internet service provider based on Saturna.
  • Beacon Wireless Wireless broadband internet service provider based on Saltspring Island.
  • Orcas Online Wireless broadband internet service provider based on Orcas Island, USA.
  • Rogers Mobile Internet Wireless data-only plans available from Rogers.