The Saturna Community Club

The Community Club is the oldest organization on the island.  It has been in existence since 1932 and annual membership dues have never changed; they are still 50 cents.  The club oversees a large number of committees that deal with various aspects of island life.  Some of the committees are: health services, recycling, library, and cemetery. The famous, annual Canada Day Lamb Barbeque is the primary event coordinated by the Community Club. It is their major fund-raiser. The Community Club maintains the heritage Saturna Community Hall and handles its use.  Quarterly meetings of the Community Club are held in September, December, March and June.  The annual general meeting is held in the spring each year.  Membership is open to all residents and can be paid directly to the SCC treasurer or at any SCC meeting. Contact Priscilla Ewbank (250) 539-2591 for further information.

Community Club Officers

President: Priscilla Ewbank and Jamie Ritchie

Past President: Charles Reif  

Secretary: Michael Pierce

Treasurer: Jacques Campbell  

Directors: Richard Blagborne, Michael Pierce, Peggy Warren, Larry Field, Leigh Field, Bruce Rhodes, Joan Selby, Jacques Cambell, Priscilla Ewbank, Heather Michaud, Tina Raudzus

Hall Bookings: 250-539-3775

Hall Phone: 250-539-2234