FREE Soils and Composting Class


Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 1:30pm to 3:15pm

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Saturna Recreation and Cultural Centre
Linda Beer — Mayne Sland Food Producer, Environmental Technologist & Master Gardener — will present a free talk about the Soil Food Web, making your own Complete Organic Fertilizer, Effective Microorganisms Solution, and much more.

This class is for food producers, small or bigger, commercial or non-commercial, experienced or brand new!

You can email to pre-register, and see more at  This class is offered by the new, non-profit GULF ISLANDS FOOD CO-OP.  Our goal is to support the food producers and local food sustainability of Pender, Mayne, Saturna and Galiano.

Note: right after the Class, there will also be an INTER-ISLAND CO-OP MEETING by Video (open to all).  This is a chance to connect with food producers on your sister islands Southern Gulf Islands.  “We are stronger together! "