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Southern Gulf Islands Meals On Wheels Program

Nutritious hot meals at low cost.

How does the program work?

After you have registered with the program, a volunteer may begin to deliver a hot meal to your home up to 3 times each week.

Meals are prepared and packaged by food services staff at local restaurants. Hot meals may be delivered to your home on disposable dishes. The meals consist of soup, main course and dessert. You may be requested to arrange pick up the meals yourself.

Menus are monitored regularly by a registered dietition to ensure that they meet nutritional standards.

You have the option to order more than 1 meal at a time, so that you can freeze the extra meal for another day.

Who can get Meals On Wheels?

This program is designed for senior islanders who are unable to prepare all their own hot meals. Please contact your physician or Home Care Nurse to discuss eligibility.

How do I arrange for Meals On Wheels?

Call Lorna Archer-Quinn - 539 - 5435

When are meals delivered?

Meals are made Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 12:00 noon and 1:00 PM and are available to be picked up at that time.

How do I pay for Meals On Wheels?

A nominal charge is made for each meal. You will be billed monthly for your meals.

What if I have to cancel my Meals On Wheels?

Please notify the restaurant which prepares the meals ahead of time. Your Home Care Nurse can provide you with the contact name and number.

For more information call (250) 539 - 5435

This program is supported by the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

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